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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Checking the Traps

  Today we spent the day checking the traps that we had laid out yesterday.  We needed to check the traps twice, once in the morning when we first arrived at Cook's Lake and then again, right before we left in the evening.  Here, in the video, Dr. Christina explains how to inspect the traps without loosing the animal that we had obtained. 
    Typically, the small mammals that we catch are red-backed and meadow voles, deer mice, and white footed mice.  Sometimes other small mammals, such as chipmunks, flying squirrels, or jumping mice may be captured in the traps.  Today, we mainly caught deer mice, red-backed voles, and chipmunks. 
     Once the animals were removed from the traps, they were inspected for weight, sex, and reproductive status and the information recorded.  We then marked the animals and returned them to the areas that they were caught.

Here I am holding a deer mouse that we have caught in our trap
  Your assignment tonight is to post some questions that you may have thus far so that I can respond to them when I skype into the class on Friday morning!

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